Watford Driving Test Centre Car hire

Watford Driving Test Centre Car hire

Watford Driving Test Centre car hire.

Watford driving test centre car hire. We find cancellation last minute driving tests with automatic or manual car hire.                                                                                                                                                  Our fast track booking service organizes the test and arranges a qualified emergency Instructor. We help you pass the practical driving test in the shortest possible time. This tests service is suitable for Learner drivers, who are up to the test standard, retaking a test or are International drivers.

Watford driving test centre Intensive driving courses.

1-5 day driving courses, a crash course for candidates who need to pass the UK driving test quickly.


Practical Driving Test Centre Address
CP House
Otterspool Way
WD25 8HU

The Watford driving test routes will involve many road types. Situated near a lot of “A” roads the candidate will need to be able to cope with high-speed driving and pay attention to the variable speed limits. Busy town centre roads will include various, Junctions, dual carriageways, lane changing and roundabouts. Residential roads can be narrow and can be challenging for learners because of oncoming vehicles, meeting oncoming traffic and clearance of parked cars. You will be asked to do one manoeuvre out of the four, they do have a car park so bay parking could be included. The emergency stop has a 1-in-4 possibility of being requested. The Examiner will ask you to drive for 10 minutes as the independent part of the driving test. They will either ask you to follow a series of signs, show you a simple map or a combination of both.




Watford driving test centre.