Automatic Driving Test Car Hire

Automatic Driving Test Car Hire is a service exclusively for Learner drivers that have to re-take the practical test.  If you have been let down by a Driving Instructor or they may be double booked.

We enable you to hire a rental car with a short notice Automatic Driving Instructors as close as one day before the test. (subject to availability)                                                   As your driving should be up to a reasonable driving test standard. Last minute driving instruction is all you need. Our Expert Automatic Instructors will work with you to improve your driving skills in a short time and give you the extra tips to help you pass the practical driving test.

Automatic Car For Driving Test

Fully insured automatic car rental for driving test and expert supervision of a qualified Automatic Driving Instructor. Our automatic car hire service for the test is perfect for you to brush up on your driving skills. Gain the confidence you need to be a successfully pass the practical test.  Our team of Automatic Instructors is highly qualified and skilled to give you expert advice and knowledge about the most common test routes throughout London test centres and other tips and tricks you need to know before taking the test.

Automatic Driving Instructors

We have qualified Instructors that are approved by the DVSA and are checked for a criminal record (CRB checked) They will make sure that you have all the training you need to impress your driving test Examiner. The automatic Instructors knowledge of the common mistakes that most Learner drivers make during their tests and lots of experience with tricky situations.  The Instructors are best equipped to teach you how you can avoid the pitfalls. Spend your money where it truly matters and get your UK  licence faster with automatic driving instructions. You can trust us with the responsibility of preparing you for the practical driving test and rest assured you will have the best possible chance of success.


Automatic driving lessons Ealing