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Emergency I needed an Instructor and a car to rent for my driving test. After reading these reviews about is last minute car hire driving school. I called them as I was desperate to pass before I went abroad. With my busy work schedule, I only had a small window of time to be able to take my practical driving test. The driving school found me a last-minute cancellation test that fitted in perfectly with my work schedule. I had less than one-week intensive driving course and passed my practical driving test in Isleworth test centre with only one minor fault. I am ecstatic and very pleased! I can now drive my van in Australia from Brisbane to Melbourne, yay! Put another shrimp on the bbq

Emergency Driving Instructor & car to rent for practical driving test.
Emergency Driving Instructor & car to rent for practical driving test.

As an International driver I was looking to get my UK driving licence quick and was looking for an Intensive driving course. I was recommended by my friends from Russia to this last-minute driving school. They passed from the first attempt as well as I did.I called them because they don’t waste your time and help me pass my test quickly. They found me cancellation test in Uxbridge driving test centre. I did short intensive course and passed my test only with one minor fault. Awesome service and instructors! Recommended 100%!I know have my UK driving licence.

driving test car uxbridge test centre
International driver, Intensive driving course.

This last minute driving test service is excellent. I found this driving school because I booked a cancellation driving test at short notice and needed to rent a car for my driving test.I had been with a previously done lessons with another driving school however they didn’t provide the level of service I expected. My driving Instructor was very good, he helped me pass fast.I was able to pass after a short Intensive course. I would definitely recommend.

isleworth driving test car rental
Isleworth Driving Test Review.

Greenford Driving Test Centre Review. Great experience, my driving instructor was very thorough, accommodating and his attention to detail was important for me. I needed a fast track service to get my UK driving licence, they found me a cancellation test in Greenford test centre and with a one-week intensive driving course, I passed my test. Highly recommend it.

Driving test car Greenford
Greenford Driving Test Centre Review.

Isleworth Driving Test Centre Review. As an international driver from Albania with many year of experience, I have been driving for almost a year in the UK now. I could already drive and I needed to drive for my business.I’ll called this last minute driving school they booked a cancellation test for me within the week I had a short intensive course and pass with only two minor faults in Isleworth driving test centre this is amazing driving school very good service and I would highly recommend them.

Emergency test Ashford
Isleworth Driving Test Centre Review.

Pinner Driving Test Centre Review. As an international driver. I needed to pass as my one-year probationary period had finished. My car was parked in the garage as I could not drive it. I phoned this driving school they found me a cancellation driving test and I passed my test in a very short time period, with only three minor faults in Pinner driving test centre. Amazing service if you can drive already and you need to be taught the key points to pass the UK driving test. I have now got my new UK driving license and I’m very happy with this fast-track service.

Pinner driving test car hire/rental
Pinner Driving Test Centre Review

I passed my driving test in Chertsey. Being a Russian driver living in London UK, my 1-year license to drive in the UK had expired. So I needed to get a quick practical test. I looked online and found this last minute driving School, they found me a cancellation test in a few days and with a short intensive driving course a passed with only 4 minors, amazing driving instructor, call this driving school company if you are an international driver and want a UK driving licence fast.

Isleworth Driving Test Centre Car Hire
Chertsey Test Centre Review