Borehamwood test centre

Borehamwood Test Centre

Short notice last minute driving Instructor test car hire with Automatic/Manual.
Emergency practical driving test finders service for cancellation tests in Borehamwood.

Test centre address

Borehamwood (London)

Unit 1 Stirling Court,
Stirling Way

This centre provides tests for

Car & Taxi

Borehamwood Driving Test Centre has disabled access. Disabled parking is available close to the test centre.

There are car parking bays for test candidates opposite the test centre entrance, which is clearly marked.

Male and female toilets are available.

Rural roads with different hazards due to high speeds and the ability to negotiate bends correctly. High speeds on A roads such as the A1, A411 and A1081 are likely. A good understanding of dual carriageways and joining these higher speed roads is important for this driving test centre.

1 in 4 of the driving test manoeuvres will be asked and 1 in 3 chance of the emergency stop.

10 minutes of independent driving from the 37-minutes driving test.

Name of Driving Test Centre Borehamwood
Type of Test Route Car
Driving test route Number 1
Car park Left
Warwick Rd EOR left
Elstree Way Double mini rbt ahead
Elstree Way Rbt right 3rd exit
Shenley Road 2nd mini rbt left
Hartforde Road 1st mini rbt right to Oddessy Rd for TIR out right 3rd mini rbt left
Brook Road Right
Stratfield Road L. reverse Audley Cl. out left EOR right
Theobald Street Mini rbt right
Gateshead Road Rbt left
Leeming Road EOR right
Aycliffe Road 1st left
Allerton road 1st left
Allerton road 3 L reverses & TIR, Exit left
Aycliffe Road Rbt right 3rd exit
Aycliffe Road Hill start Mini rbt left
Gateshead Road Mini rbt left
Stanborough Ave ES EOR right
Stapleton Road EOR left
Green Street Mini rbt right
London Road Becomes
Cowley Hill Around right bend becomes
Rowley Lane Mini rbt ahead
Rowley Lane Ahead into one way system
Elstree Way 1st right
Elstree Way 2nd left
Warwick Road Right into
Car park
Name of Driving Test Centre Borehamwood
Type of Test Route Car
Driving test route Number 2
Car park Right
Warwick Road Rbt right
Chester Road Rbt left
Manor Way Rbt ahead
Manor Way Mini rbt right
Arundel Drive 2nd Left
Graveley Ave Hill start EOR right
Cleavland Cres EOR right
Cranes Way EOR left
Furzehill Road Rbt ahead 2nd exit
Barnet Lane Rbt ahead 2nd exit
Barnet Road (Just past post box) 12th left
Kings Rd TIR / Left reverse EOR right, then right again (pub)
Galley Lane ES 1st left
A1 Sth. Barnet By Pass Early instruction for right

turn at Stirling corner

Rbt right 3rd exit
Barnet Lane Use right hand lane on approach Rbt ahead 2nd exit
Furzehill Road 1st right
Balmoral Drive Rbt left
Rippon Way Left rev into Dacre Gdns out right Rbt left
Balmoral Drive 3 mini rbts ahead
Chester Road Rbt Right
Warwick Rd Left into
Car park
Name of Driving Test Centre Borehamwood
Type of Test Route Car
Driving test route Number 3
Car park Left
Warwick Road EOR right
Elstree Way Take right lane in one way system Rbt right 2nd exit
Elstree Way EOR left
A1 Sth Barnet Way To Sterling corner Rbt Ahead 2nd exit
A1 Sth Barnet Way Early instruction needed

for Apex Corner

Rbt right 3rd exit
A41 Edgware Way Ahead at 2 T/Lights Rbt right 2nd exit
A41 Edgware Way Rbt right 3rd exit
Elstree Hill TL Ahead
Elstree Hill Right
Allum Lane 2 mini rbts ahead
Shenley rd Mini rbt right
Furzehill Road 4th mini rbt right
Melrose Avenue Rev Park Mini rbt left
Vale Avenue 2 L reverses or 1st left to

Tennison Ave for TR

EOR left
Masefield Avenue ES EOR left & right onto
Furzehill Road Mini rbt left
Arundel Drive Rbt ahead 2nd exit
Arundel Drive 2 L Rev Mini Rbt left
Balmoral Drive Mini rbt ahead
Chester Drive Mini rbt right
Warwick Road Left into
Car park
Name of Driving Test Centre Borehamwood route 4Car Park turn right
Warwick Road Rbt left
Chester Road Becomes
Balmoral Drive Rbt ahead
Balmoral Drive 2 mini rbts ahead
Balmoral Drive Rbt ahead
Ashley Drive EOR left
Furzehill Rd Rbt right 3rd exit
Barnet Lane A4111 Ahead at traffic lights
Elstree Rd Right
Aldenham Rd Right
Butterfly Lane EOR right
Watling St Left
Allum Lane Mini rbt ahead
Allum Lane Mini rbt ahead
Shenley Rd Mini rbt right
Furzehill Rd 4th mini rbt right
Melrose Ave Rev park / angle start Mini rbt left
Vale Ave Left to Tennison for TIR or left reverse Out left
Vale Ave EOR left
Masefield Ave Left then right
Furzehill Rd Mini rbt left
Arundel Drive Angle start Mini rbt left
Manor Way Ahead at 2 rbts Rbt right
Elstree Way Right
Warwick Rd Right into
Car park

Driving Test Centres – Borehamwood

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