Borehamwood test centre car hire

Borehamwood test centre car hire

Borehamwood Test Centre

Short notice last minute driving Instructor test car hire with Automatic/Manual.
Emergency practical driving test finders service for cancellation tests in Borehamwood.

Test centre address

Borehamwood (London)

Unit 1 Stirling Court,
Stirling Way

This centre provides tests for

Car & Taxi

Slough Driving Test Centre information

Slough test routes have several challenging roads which Learner drivers can be expected to drive on the driving test from Slough Driving Test Centre. Driving outside of Slough city centre itself, you may take rural country roads, in and around villages and also high speed A road dual carriageways such as the A332 and A355.

Driving in Slough city centre itself, you will be expected to demonstrate a sound knowledge and ability for all road systems such as junctions, crossroads and roundabouts of various types.

Throughout the driving test, you will be asked to do one manoeuvre out of the possible four, there is a 1 in 3 possibilities of the emergency stop and 20 minutes or so of independent (satnav) driving.

Driving test routes for Slough, call us if you need to rent a car with Instructor for a quick last minute driving test.

Intensive driving course in Slough.

1-5 day intensive driving course in Slough. Short notice driving Instructor with driving test car hire. Automatic and manual cars for practical driving tests in Slough.

Driving test car hire.

Need a car hire for your driving test in Slough? Emergency driving instructors available for last minute driving tests at Slough test centre. Automatic car hire and manual car hire for driving tests.

20 minutes of independent (satnav) driving from the 37-minutes driving test.

Driving Test Centres – Borehamwood

Short notice last minute driving Instructor test car hire