Ashford Driving Test Centre car hire

Ashford Driving Test Centre (Middlesex)

Need an emergency driving test in Ashford and Car hire/rental for practical driving test for Ashford driving test centre? Call us now– 07855948747 or 08000190970.

Cancellations driving tests and supply an emergency driving instructor with an automatic/manual car rental for your driving test.

This test centre in Middlesex has A roads with high-speed driving, such as the A308 and A30 and maybe be part of the test. A high possibility is also rural roads that result in common driving errors due to a lot of variable speed changes. Ashford has a small city centre. The driving test does include roundabouts, narrow roads around housing estates and meeting situations on the back roads.

Ashford driving Emergency Instructors

The practical test will involve 1 manoeuvre. Ashford centre does not have its own car park, bay parking is likely to be asked on a public car park Emergency stop that has a 1 in 3 possibilities of being requested. The independent driving part of the test will be about 20 minutes of test time.

Your Driving Instructor will have local knowledge and will guide you in the key areas of your driving test.
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Our automatic and manual cars and Instructors are:

  • Fully insured for purpose of hire for Driving test and tuition.
  • Driving Instructors are approved by DVSA and CRB checked.
  • Hold a valid tax disc and MOT.
  • Legal and roadworthy.
  • Non-smoking environments.
  • a passenger head restraint
  • Added extra interior mirror for Examiner
  • Dual Controlled

Ashford driving test centre car rental


Driving Test Centre Ashford (Middlesex)
Type of Test Route Car
Intensive driving courses 1
Name/Number of Road Test route direction
Fordbridge Rd T/L right
Church Rd Roundabout ahead
Town Tree Rd Left
Convent Way Roundabout ahead
Clockhouse Lane / Parkland Rd / Clockhouse Lane Roundabout 2nd exit
Great South West Rd T/L left
Stanwell Rd Roundabout 2nd exit
Bedfont Rd Left
Long Lane 2nd right
Holywell Rd Left
Explorer Rd / Clyde Rd EOR left, EOR left
Town Lane T/L ahead, T/L right
London Rd Roundabout ahead
Staines By Pass Roundabout right
Kingston Rd Roundabout right, T/L right
Woodthorpe Rd Mini roundabout right
Stanwell Rd Left
Chaucer Rd EOR right
Clarendon Rd
Driving Test Centre Ashford (Middlesex)
Type of Test Route Car
Intensive driving course 2
Name/Number of Road Test route direction
Fordbridge Rd T/L left
Church Rd T/L ahead, 2nd left
Station Crescent 3rd right
Salcombe Rd Left
Ashford Crescent EOR right
Kenilworth Rd EOR left
Stanwell Rd T/L right
London Rd 3rd left
Short Lane EOR
Long Lane 3rd right
Holywell Way Left
Longford Ave 2nd left
Explorer Ave 2nd right
Hadrian Way EOR left, mini roundabout ahead
Clare Rd EOR right
Town Lane EOR mini roundabout left
Park Rd EOR T/L left
Stanwell Moor Rd Roundabout ahead
Staines By-Pass Roundabout left
Fordbridge Rd Mini roundabout ahead
Driving Test Centre Ashford (Middlesex)
Type of Test Route Car
Intensive driving course 3
Name/Number of Road Test route direction
Fordbridge Rd EOR T/L right
Church Rd Roundabout right 3rd exit
Feltham Hill Rd T/L right
School Rd Left
Glenfield Rd EOR left
Hogarth Ave EOR mini roundabout right
Feltham Hill Rd Left
Approach Rd EOR right
Junction Rd EOR right
Goffs Rd EOR left
Feltham Hill Rd Roundabout left
Alexandra Rd / Chertsey Rd Roundabout ahead, T/L ahead
Spelthorne Lane Mini roundabout ahead
Charlton Rd Left
Charlton Lane EOR left
Halliford by pass Roundabout left
Upper Halliford Rd / Windmill Road T/L left
Staines Rd West Roundabout right
Fordbridge Rd Mini roundabout ahead


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